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Ahern Hotel Named Las Vegas’ Official Must-Visit Hotel of the Year

By The Los Angeles Tribune Editorial Team
JULY 3, 2023

Beyond the neon dazzle of the Las Vegas Strip lies a serene oasis of luxury that shatters the city’s traditional gaming-centric mold. This haven is none other than the Ahern Hotel, rightfully dubbed the ‘Gem of Vegas.’ The Los Angeles Tribune, a respected voice in travel, has just bestowed the hotel with its sought-after ‘Must Visit Hotel of the Year’ accolade.

The Los Angeles Tribune’s announcement aims to channel the gaze of the staggering 40 million people who flock to Vegas each year towards this mesmerizing destination. The Ahern Hotel masterfully merges the lavishness of a high-end hotel with the warmth of a beloved family home, making it an irresistible escape from the city’s frantic pace.

At the Ahern Hotel, service isn’t just a principle; it’s a passion. The team goes the extra mile, and then some, to make every guest feel like they’re not just another room number but a valued member of the Ahern family. This dedication to stellar service has set the Ahern Hotel apart amidst the whirlwind of commercialization sweeping Las Vegas.