Ahern Hotel Front Desk Reception



No, Ahern Hotel does not have a resort fee.
Pets are not permitted on property.
Yes, Wi-Fi is available around the entire property.
Yes, there is free garage parking for hotel and non-hotel guests, accessible via Las Vegas Boulevard.

We do not have electric car charging stations on property at this time.

This is a non-smoking property. Smoking of any substance is not permitted.

Pool cabanas and day passes for non hotel guests are available for purchase on Resort Pass

Yes, there is ADA seating available in our restaurants and bars. Our hotel rooms are also ADA compliant.

Yes, we have a wheelchair available to use on site.

Please visit ahernhotel.com/careers to search and apply for open positions for Ahern Hotel.

Check-In/Check-Out & Billing

Check-in begins at 3:00 p.m. and check-out is at 11:00 a.m.

You may request an early check-in or late check-out. Early check in and late check out fees may be applied.

Yes, a credit card is required on file for incidentals.

Yes, a $150 refundable security deposit is required upon check-in and will be refunded to the card owner upon check-out.

Please contact Ahern Hotel directly to add an additional guest at (725) 214-4800.

Please contact Ahern Hotel directly to add an upgrade your room at (725) 214-4800.

Upon check-out, please ask the Front Desk attendant for a printed copy of your bill.

Please contact the Front Desk at (725) 214-4800 for any issues or questions.


Up to two guests can stay in our single rooms, and up to four guests can stay in our double rooms.

A luggage storeroom is located near the Front Desk. We can hold your bags until you depart (same day only).

You may request a replacement key card from a Front Desk attendant.

Yes, connecting rooms are available and must requested upon booking.

Room Amenities

Yes, Wi-Fi is available around the entire property.

There are USB ports in the bedside lamp.

Toiletries provided in every room include shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap.

Full size iron and ironing boards are available in every room.

Hair dryers are available in every room.

There is a safe (8 in. x 17 in. x 16 in.) in every room that fits a standard laptop.

No, however we do offer coffee, tea and other refreshments at our Cafe Aroma. (Prices vary)

A mini fridge is available in the suites and penthouse. To request a standard room with a fridge it must be requested upon booking. Two complimentary waters are available in every room.

Yes, one twin-size rollaway bed can be requested per room for $50 per night.

Lost & Found

If something has been left behind in the hotel room or on property, it will be held for fourteen (14) days in the Lost and Found Department, managed by the Security Department. Perishable items or opened containers are not held. The rightful owner can pick up belongings in person with proper identification or request return shipment at the owner’s expense.

Please contact our Concierge desk at (725) 214-4800 or send us a message.